Buy from us strong, aromatic whole spices for cooking and traditional medicine purposes. We have in store bhut jolokia, black cardamom, Lakadong turmeric and many other regional famous spices. Get these instead of regular spices to bring some change in the taste. 
Start you day with a fresh cup of black or green tea, procured right from the Assam tea growers and processors. We have different varieties of Assam teas to suit every taste and preference. 
Essential Oils
Searching for the best massage oil for your body? Your search ends here. We bring essential oils that give relief from muscles and joint pains and make you feel relaxed throughout the day. People can also use these naturally fragrant oils for aromatherapy. 
Get in touch with us to buy fresh fruits for reselling purpose or serving to guests in breakfast buffet in your hotel. People can also use fruits for making desserts and bakery items, like cakes and pastries. 
Whether you want triphala, tulsi or any other herbal product, come to us. Our company is a renowned producers of such products offered in powder and fresh/dried leaves form.
The scientific name of ashwagandha root is Withania somnifera, which is known for its unique smell and its ability to enhance strength. Offered medicinal shrub root reduces the stress from the mind and body and helps in providing stress free lifestyle.

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